This free writing competition is open to writers from around the world.

Write us a 600-word piece on the theme:  The best writing tip I’ve ever received.

We’ll publish the best piece in our newsletter and on our blog, plus the winner receives $200 (R2 000 or £100).

Send your entries to Nichola Meyer at

Closing date: 31 December 2023


Rules and Guidelines for Entries

  • Send in your entry in the body of the email, not as an attachment.
  • Use the subject line ‘My Writing Journey Competition’ in your email.
  • Entries must be no more than 600 words and must be the author’s original work.
  • Use Times New Roman size 12 or Arial size 11.

Read more past winning entries in our e-anthology ‘22 Best Essays to Inspire New Writers’ – free to download. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to grab your copy.

Read the individual essays from past winners for the ‘My Writing Journey’ Competition below:

The Best Writing Tip I Ever Received Was Not to Write by Russell Mickler – winner June 2023

 ‘The Best Writing Advice: Cut Like a Razor’ by Amelia Ray – winner December 2022

‘The Best Writing Advice: How I Learned to Write Garbage’ by Sarah Kelleher – winner May 2021

‘The Best Writing Advice: For More Dynamic Prose, Replace ‘To Be’ and ‘To Have’ by Andrew Park – winner January 2021

‘The Best Writing Advice: Find Your Voice’ by Sandy Kline – winner September 2020

The Best Writing Advice: Ditch the Filters’ by John Tipper – winner May 2020

‘The Best Writing Advice: Do The Work’ by Nohlee Cloete – winner January 2020

‘The Best Writing Advice: The Power of Revision’ by Rosie Sorenson – joint winner September


‘The Best Writing Tip: Write as if Everyone You Know Is Dead’ by Mike Casto – joint winner September 2019

‘The Best Writing Advice: Mix Up Those Sentence Lengths’ by Ginny Stone – winner May 2019

‘The Best Writing Tip: Say What You Mean’ by Danielle Ramaekers – winner January 2019

‘The Best Writing Tip: Kill Your Adverbs’ by Nikky Lee – winner September 2018

‘The Best Writing Tip I’ve Ever Received’ by Anna Stroud – winner June 2018

‘My Movie Moment’ by Tracy Solea – winner January 2018

‘Weird, Minus One House-Point’ by Carmen Marcus – winner September 2017

My Big Fat Regret‘ by Leonie Fourie and ‘My Writing Journey‘ by Glenn McGoldrick – joint winners May 2017

My Journey as a Writer’ by Heinrich van der Walt and

 ‘Neuroses and Nirvana‘ by David Whitaker – joint winners January 2017

 ‘Full Circle’ by Natalie Swain – winner September 2016

‘The Hundredth Day’ by Do Hyun Kang – Winner July 2016

‘The Writing Lobe’ by Eileen Kennedy – Winner March 2016

‘Meeting the Potato Farmer on the Road to Publication’ by Gabriella Brand – Winner Dec 2015

‘Haymaker’ by Clinton Matos – Winner September 2015

‘African Dream’ by Olakunle Oladiran – Winner May 2015

‘Magic’ by Thorne Busakwe – Winner January 2015

‘My Writing Journey’ by Nkaela Mocumi – Winner September 2014

‘It Started with a Bang’ by Marianne Saddington – Winner June 2014

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