Four Stumbling Blocks That Can Actually Be Good For Writers

  Stumbling blocks can negatively affect your writing and slow you down, but they can also be an incentive for improving your writing skills.  If you can identify your specific negative blocks, they can push you to learn a new skill, thoroughly research your subject and ultimately boost your confidence.   BY FRANCINA MAPULANE      A stumbling block is when a writer experiences lack of motivation, or difficulty or hesitation in starting writing.  The block can be external, including disturbances from family members, time spent

Tips for Effective Time-management: Work Smarter, not Harder.

  ‘Look at the time! Where did it go?’ Does this sound familiar?  Become the master of time to increase your writing productivity. BY KRISTEL CREVITS   As a journalist, submitting refined, impactful work includes many administrative tasks. These nitty-gritty, must-do tasks can become your enemy. By labelling them, and understanding their roots, it will allow you to complete them. Separate research from the writing phase It is so hard to focus on writing if you think of all the peripheral things that are required to

How to Choose Topics to Write About

  Coming up with a subject and an angle for your article is one of the most important steps in the journalism process. However, many writers spend far too much time figuring this out, which can leave them overwhelmed and stressed. This doesn’t have to be the case though. BY SYMONE GROBBELAAR    Writing is an art. It’s supposed to be fun. But before you can begin writing you need to figure out your topic. Without a topic and angle, you don’t have

5 Things Web Journalists Can Learn from Screenwriters

Screenwriting is said to be one of the hardest crafts to master. There are a few surprising tricks web journalists can learn from successful screenwriters. BY ENNI TUOMISALO   Screenwriting is fiercely competitive. Some screenplays sell for millions, but the vast majority are not sold at all. To be successful, you have to write something so emotionally engaging and visually compelling that a studio executive wants to invest millions of dollars to turn it into a movie. While web writing is quite a different game,