Blogging for Beginners – Top Four Best Practices

  Blogging can be daunting, especially for beginners, but by following these top four blogging best practices, each and every one of your articles can be a success. BY LAUREN ESPACH Why blog? Blogs are not only a method to convey thoughts, ideas, opinions and news on certain topical spaces; they also serve a functional purpose, especially from an SEO and content marketing perspective. The statistics are overwhelming; for example, businesses that blog generally receive around 88% more B2C leads per month than those that

Blogging Tips: 5 Ways to Write a Successful Blog

What makes one blog stand out from another? I talked to parenting bloggers Emily (Mama said) and Rebecca (Rocky and Ruby) to get some tips on how to write a successful blog.   BY EMMA ROBERTSON   Blogging. I can see the eye-rolling now as I say the word. Everyone is writing a blog. You can’t scroll through Facebook without seeing a friend’s blog link pop up in your newsfeed. Blogging is the new black - the new slightly narcissistic way of getting your