Writing Great Twitter Headlines

  There is an art to writing great Twitter headlines. I call them headlines, because that is really what they are. In twitterspeak they are tweets. Twitter - the microblogging platform - has become increasingly significant as a source of news and information. It is very different from other social media platforms like Facebook, which are, well … social. Twitter has become the premier platform for sharing content – in 140 characters, which means that you need to be really skilled to get

Using social media to… Gather Information – by Samantha Moolman

This piece forms Part Two of our Social Media Series Reading the news online will never be an adequate substitute for live action, especially if you’re a journalist gathering information for a story. Being exposed to the sights, sounds and smells of an event in real time will provide you with enough material to put the reader in the thick of things once the action is over. A fly-on-the-wall approach to story-telling is one of the best ways to guide the

Using social media to… Generate News Stories – by Samantha Moolman

  This piece forms Part One of our Social Media Series As a student I was taught that when you run out of things to write about, get out of the office, mill around in public places and you’ll soon be buzzing with fresh story ideas. Constant observation is a definite way to source new topics, and listening to what your friends talk about – what concerns, angers or excites them – can spark off new ideas. Even exploring dimensions of your own interests