Learning in the Digital Age: 3 Ways e-Learning has Changed the Way We Learn

  The shift from print to digital media is affecting the way people learn. In the age of e-Learning, skills can be attained in an environment of your choice, on a smartphone or laptop, on your own, in your own time and for free.   by Wendy Ruiter     e-Learning is interactive   Linda van der Loo (Head Learning and Leadership Standard bank Group, Founding member of the ELearning Institute South Africa) highlights the changes in training from ten or twenty years ago where there was a

10 reasons to do an NZ Writers’ College Writing Course

If you've always wanted to be a writer - whether for pleasure or as a career - our writing courses at NZ Writers' College can help make your dream come true. Here's how....     1. You work with a well known writer as you write your manuscript from the comfort of your home. 2. Our writing tutors are award-winning or award-nominated writers – leaders in their industry. Our tutors have collectively accumulated or been shortlisted for more than 60 international writing awards, including many

Is Doing an Online Writing Course for You?

Six Reasons to Study Writing Online Knowing the potential of the Internet as a tool for writers, our writing schools offer a range of online writing courses.  Tutored by professional writers (most of them award-winning), our writing courses can help you turn your writing dreams into a reality. But is online studying for everyone? Let's look at six benefits of this method. 1. Instant and efficient This modern study option is ideal for those looking for instant and efficient results. For instance, instead of