Q & A with Fiona Wilson – Bureau Chief at ‘Monocle magazine’, Tokyo.

  For someone with a curious streak and a passion for Japanese design, Fiona Wilson may have one of the best jobs around. Now in her tenth year working as Bureau Chief at Monocle magazine in Tokyo (and prior to that, seven years with Wallpaper), she has had access to some of the most prominent and interesting people in Japan. Humbly describing herself as “really lucky”, there is no question she doesn't deserve all that `luck`.  Thousands of interviews later, she has truly honed her interview

Improve Your Interviewing Skills with these Four Resource Sites

Giving interviews is very practical skill. Here are four online resources where you can learn how to become a master interviewing. BY ALEX OWEN-HILL Interviewing is a vital skill for non-fiction writers, and even for some fiction writers. You might believe that interviewing is a natural talent – some writers have it, the rest of us just muddle through. You can't learn how to be a master interviewer, right? Wrong. Like all writing skills, you can get better at interviewing through practice and

Email Interviews: Potential Minefield or Essential Tool?

  BY CORRINA COETZER Writing stories based on interviews can present a load of challenges to journalists. Setting up interviews can take time and effort, but with tight deadlines, and possibly working in different time zones, most journalists don't have the luxury of extended chats with their interviewees.  The email interview is a possible solution. Like a coin though, it has two sides.   Why email interviews can work   They save time An email interview is less time consuming. You don’t have to spend endless hours