How to Create an Engaging Digital Staff Magazine

  Learn how to create a staff magazine that leads to strong teamwork and a sense of belonging. BY JUANITA MARTINAGLIA We all know how poor communication can turn a workplace toxic in an instant. According to Workplace-Communication.Com, workplace communication is considered good when quality communication takes place that prevents misunderstandings and conflict. Furthermore, they explain that communication has a positive impact on the overall performance of a company, which directly affects their bottom line. If there is good communication within an organization, there will

Talking Business Journalism and Trade Secrets with Rod Oram

  Rod Oram is a journalist and author who has worked in New York and London for the Financial Times, covering stories from the 1987 stock market crash to major corporate scandals. JO WILLS talks to Rod about the highlights of his writing career, and his advice for beginner writers.   Rod’s called New Zealand home for the past twenty years where he currently contributes to radio stations such as NewstalkZB, RadioNZ and Newsroom. His work is rich in detail and often provocative,

Four Stumbling Blocks That Can Actually Be Good For Writers

  Stumbling blocks can negatively affect your writing and slow you down, but they can also be an incentive for improving your writing skills.  If you can identify your specific negative blocks, they can push you to learn a new skill, thoroughly research your subject and ultimately boost your confidence.   BY FRANCINA MAPULANE      A stumbling block is when a writer experiences lack of motivation, or difficulty or hesitation in starting writing.  The block can be external, including disturbances from family members, time spent

Tips for Effective Time-management: Work Smarter, not Harder.

  ‘Look at the time! Where did it go?’ Does this sound familiar?  Become the master of time to increase your writing productivity. BY KRISTEL CREVITS   As a journalist, submitting refined, impactful work includes many administrative tasks. These nitty-gritty, must-do tasks can become your enemy. By labelling them, and understanding their roots, it will allow you to complete them. Separate research from the writing phase It is so hard to focus on writing if you think of all the peripheral things that are required to

How to Choose Topics to Write About

  Coming up with a subject and an angle for your article is one of the most important steps in the journalism process. However, many writers spend far too much time figuring this out, which can leave them overwhelmed and stressed. This doesn’t have to be the case though. BY SYMONE GROBBELAAR    Writing is an art. It’s supposed to be fun. But before you can begin writing you need to figure out your topic. Without a topic and angle, you don’t have

The 20 Most Important Pointers to Write Better Articles

  Never doubt that what may seem like an effortless read in a publication has taken hours and hours of conjuring, sculpting and editing. Here are 20 essential tips for better writing.     Pointer 1: Choose your point of view (PoV), and stick to it throughout your article. Point of view refers to the perspective of the narrator in the article. Who is “telling the story”? Is the story written from first person (I)? Third person (they/ him/ her)? Second Person (You)? A common mistake

Is Cyber Bullying And Harassment A Growing Concern For Web Writers?

With many writers now turning to the internet for work, it’s not surprising to hear that the online trolls have made them their next target. From terrible reviews to death threats, it is something that can affect not just the writers themselves but also their careers, and some of those being targeted are crying out for change.     It’s something we all know is bad for us, yet we still do it. Read the comments section. I can’t tell you how many

Tiffany Markman – Published Author and Successful Word Nerd

  Tiffany Markman has gone from being a cum laude student to a successful writer. She's a five-time published author with her hand in many pots where writing is concerned, with an impressive list of clients, including blue chips like BMW, Coca-Cola and Microsoft, to name a few.     With many delivered lectures, keynote speaking and training courses presented, you can still find her in a quiet corner reading for leisure. As a tutor for the Writing for Social Media Course at the


  If you are a person who fears or dislikes new apps, and you also happen to be a journalist, then this article is for you. Find out the easiest-to-use apps indispensable to your writing job!   BY KYLA CLOETE As journalists in the 21st century, we are in an era of ever-evolving technology. We need apps, and I am not just talking about Whatsapp! I am talking about video editing apps and teleprompting apps and photoshop apps and call recording apps. With the

How Asking Better Questions Can Help Journalists Write Better Articles – 4 Tips to Re-ignite Your Curious Nature

  We all know how to ask questions, but ‘re-learning’ the art of questioning in a deeper and more meaningful way may be the key to our creativity.   BY FIONA MILLER     Albert Einstein once said, ‘I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.’   Asking questions is a way of life for journalists – to spark interesting story ideas, interview fascinating people and explore the world around us in search of answers.  Journalists are ‘idea generators’ and therefore, asking quality questions helps boost

Effective Time-Management: 4 Tricks for Journos

  Journalists are continually busy – keeping up with meetings, stories and deadlines.  And juggling time is one of the things they are all too familiar with. In reality, many journalists don’t always manage their time well, but they should. Here are four tricks journos can use to control their never-ending clock and limit the stress of their demanding schedules.     What’s up with that darn clock - continually stressing journalists out? According to experts, time-management is still one of the most important

How Digital Journalists can rank higher with these Skills and Resources

    It takes more than good writing to be a digital journalist. Here are seven skills and websites to help you succeed.   BY NATACHJA DE WEBER     Unlike regular reporting, digital journalism demands some extra talents. Author of Who Moved My Job? Mark Kobayashi-Hillary advises that you be multi-skilled. He believes that mastering the basics such as interview techniques and reporting is not enough. Along come picture editing, SEO knowledge and some basic coding skills.   Picture your story Using images has become a big part of web journalism, but you

Essential magazine journalism skills for the future

  What skills do magazine journalists need to make the crossover to digital media? A rapid increase in the advancement of technology has disrupted and transformed many industries. The magazine journalism industry is no exception. Our favourite magazines now exist in print as well as digital format, while others no longer exist in their print form at all. This digital wave brings with it a new set of expectations from users as their media consumption habits continually change.   BY FEROZA VAN DER MERWE     Social

How to Future-Proof Your Web Journalism Career

What is the future of journalism and how does a web writer stay relevant and up to date in the ever-changing digital world? Will we all soon be replaced by robots and automation? Here are some of the key predictions and trends you need to be aware of, as well as tips on how to survive in the changing digital landscape.   Be prepared for the rise of virtual reality As publishers seek to find more gripping content, virtual reality is predicted to

Kry en hou jou leser se aandag in 11 stappe.

Skep die toneel met sterk, visuele werkwoorde Sommige skrywers beveel aan dat die aantal werkwoorde wat jy gebruik, die byvoeglike naamwoorde in elke paragraaf moet oorskry. Kyk na die volgende voorbeeld: Dit is tienuur die aand en ʼn moeë Liana lê haar babaseun neer in sy wiegie. Sy steier terug na die sitkamer, sak ineen op die rusbank en skakel die radio met die afstandbeheerder aan. Die musiek streel haar ore en sy maak haar oë toe en droom van sorgvrye dae.  

An Interview With Former Editor-in-Chief (Cosmopolitan Website) – Kseniia Spodyneiko

  Kseniia Spodyneiko is a 27-year-old journalist, marketing specialist and former editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan webzine (Russia) and the Marie Claire webzine, and runs her own travel, fashion and lifestyle blog: She is currently digital editor at Uno webzine. SKYLA SCOTT interviews Kseniia about her progress as a writer, and what she'd tell every journalist starting out.       Q: What do you like to write articles about?  A: Travelling is my favourite topic! My blog and the articles I wrote for UNO magazine are mostly about

How You Can Make Money Writing Articles For Magazines – 10 Tips For Beginner Journalists

Have you always wanted to write articles for magazines, but every time you write a piece, your courage fizzles out before you can hit the 'send' button? You're not alone. It’s hard to break into the magazine industry, known for its competitiveness, rejection letters and worse, zero response to article submissions from new writers. Here are 10 trade secrets you need to see your name in the byline.   BY NICHOLA MEYER   1. How do I submit my first magazine article? You have two options.

The Digital Divide of The Future

You might be able to access and make sense of the Internet. But exiting it could become a privilege. ALEX BEATTIE explains the digital divide of the future.   Have you heard of the digital divide? It’s a way of describing inequality in relation to the Internet. Think of it as the tech version of ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. There’s more to it than just having a decent wi-fi connection. As the Internet becomes more intricately integrated into our lives, the digital divide is

Will Newspapers Be Ditched?

By Ilse Watson     Journalism will always exist, even though the platform (e.g. print, PC, laptop, iPad and mobile phone) will differ.   “Print and digital journalism will exist in tandem. The former will be in the format of smaller local newspapers, albeit daily or weekly, but with the focus on community news,” explains Gert Coetzee, Editor of Volksblad, a daily newspaper in South Africa.   Even though some newspapers in South Africa have experienced circulation declines and loss of revenue, there are still many that

Q & A with Fiona Wilson – Bureau Chief at ‘Monocle magazine’, Tokyo.

  For someone with a curious streak and a passion for Japanese design, Fiona Wilson may have one of the best jobs around. Now in her tenth year working as Bureau Chief at Monocle magazine in Tokyo (and prior to that, seven years with Wallpaper), she has had access to some of the most prominent and interesting people in Japan. Humbly describing herself as “really lucky”, there is no question she doesn't deserve all that `luck`.  Thousands of interviews later, she has truly honed her interview

Time-management Tips for Procrastinating Journalists

    Don’t wait until the last minute to force creativity and content. Keep the journalistic juices flowing throughout the day. Here are a few “life hacks” for the procrastinating journalist to keep in mind… BY JANINE GOUS       Have you ever sat down in front of your computer, eager fingers hovering just above the keyboard and you hit a blank? You’re staring at an empty Word document and all you can think about is the next creative snack you can make with your limited

The Importance of the Well-Written Press Release – by Fiona Walsh

  Generating well-crafted news content in our multi-media age demands speedy writing, editing and re-editing skills. Done well, it can win your company or clients valuable coverage. BY FIONA WALSH   If you’ve never had to do it before, writing a press release may seem easy. You have news to communicate about your client, you write it down as succinctly as possible, add a snappy headline and send it out to every journalist you can think of. But like any form of communication, things

Find your Unique Writing Voice and Make It Stronger.

Becoming familiar with your writing voice is a journey of discovery. And as you travel that journey, who you are as a person will be etched in the road ahead. As you negotiate each bend and curve, hill and valley you will uncover the quirks and characteristics of your personality.   BY JUNE TERRY     What is your Writer’s Voice?   If you tell a novice writer that their voice is beginning to show, they are bound to offer a quizzical glance before asking what you

Freelance Rates – How much should you be charging?

Deciding on an amount that reflects my worth as a writer is probably my biggest headache as a freelancer. With the awesome diversity that comes with the job of writing, comes the strange incongruity in pay rates. In my experience, if you want some consistency in this department, spending a little time on admin goes a long way. BY SAMANTHA MOOLMAN   Set your own standards There is no global, standardised set of freelance writing rates. Each publication differs, and each country has its

Q & A with Sola Oguche-Agudah – Writer, Speaker & Coach

  Sola is the first in her family to have written a book, and she describes herself as a writer, speaker and coach. Born in Lagos, a large city on the southwestern end of Nigeria, it was after five years of studying to be a mechanical engineer in one of Nigeria’s prestigious universities, that Sola discovered her passion for both speaking and writing. 6179