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Eleven Ways to Draw in your Reader

Here are 11 ways to draw in your reader and keep them hooked. Each one of these ways takes time

20 Essential Editing Tips

Finally finished a piece of writing that you want to submit to an editor? Woohoo! But before you hit the

Will AI Kill Copy-editing Jobs?

TRUDY DELAMARE asks veteran copy-editor Di Smith if machines can correct errors better than humans in this frank Q &

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What is Feature Writing in Magazines?

Read between the lines of a magazine article, and you will see that feature writing is not solely factual, although

Keep Your Writing Simple: Using Plain English

  Using plain, simple language doesn’t mean “dumbing down” your writing. It means getting your message across, clearly and unambiguously,

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Breaking into Journalism (Part II)

  BY SAM MOOLMAN     Authenticity is as important as it ever was in journalism. Authenticity, and transparency. You

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