How changing technology is changing advertising: Six copywriting trends for the new year – by Mandy Speechly

In Part One Mandy explained how technology has changed the way advertisers work; in this article she looks at six trends that have had a direct impact on the copywriting industry.   BY MANDY SPEECHLY One of the most important rules is that great advertising is produced by showing a real and insightful understanding of the consumer. However, there is no single formula to reach and engage with this consumer, and the parameters are constantly changing. Here’s how…            Buying behaviour is changing

How changing technology is changing advertising: Copywriting trends for the new year

For most of the twentieth century, television was the preferred channel for advertisers to promote their goods to the masses. A formula was created – the 30 second television commercial, backed by press, poster and radio adverts. But the advertising landscape has changed. There are now many more brands to choose from, a whole range of different broadcast channels and publications and, of course, technology that has completely shifted the way in which we communicate.   BY MANDY SPEECHLY     Consumers are now in control