How to Master Flash Writing

  Want to produce really flash stories? Sharpen your writing skills with flash fiction. BY TRISH NICHOLSON Sometimes called micro or short-short fiction, flash fiction has been around since Aesop wrote his fables around 600BC. Here is one of my favourites: “A vixen sneered at a lioness because she never bore more than one cub. ‘Only one,’ she replied, ‘but a lion.’” That line could make a good comeback for a one-book author. Flash fiction has become so popular that it is now a distinct literary form.

How you can become an online travel writer – by Angela Pearse

Travel writing for the web is very different from print media and it can take some getting used to, but it also has many benefits. You have more control with travel writing on the web One of the advantages of travel writing for your own blog or website is that you have more editorial control.  You are the editor of your own online publication; you decide what to write, when to write it and what photos to use. Also any editing of text