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5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Write

When your flaming enthusiasm for a new project has dwindled, you’ll have to spark up your motivation manually. Rozelle Sunkel

Motivational quotes for writers

For those days when you just want to give up, here is some comforting advice from leading writers and artists

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4 Ways Writers Can Get Past Rejection

Rejection. Dejection. Introspection. Funny how these words all go together. GINNY SWART explores the reasons why writers might have their

How to Be a More Productive Writer

      The life of a freelance magazine journalist can be lonely. You are running your own business, playing

How to Multitask as a Writer

  When it comes to multi-tasking, adopt the phrase: “Fast is slow, slow is fast”.   It turns out that

Top Tips for Managing Your Writing Time

– By Sam Moolman Admin… The horror! Journalists generally tend to shy away from planning and order – not knowing

Freelance writing: The childcare conundrum

Lullabies and billable hours: KARIN WALDHAUSER looks at childcare options for freelance writers. It’s an assumption that’s made time and

Getting into a Writing Routine

  “Every morning between 9 and 12 I go to my room and sit before a piece of paper. Many