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Famous Quotes on Writing

  Need some writing inspiration and courage to keep going? Here are wise words from famous writers.   “A professional

dialogue skills for fiction writers

How to Write Effective Dialogue

  In most stories, people talk to each other. Many readers enjoy the “talking bits” the most, and will happily

Global Novel Writing Competition, free to enter

The Global Novel Writing Competition

Struggling to write your first novel? Tired of not knowing if your idea’s any good, or how to tie up

Top Secrets of Writing for Video Games

How do you write a script for a video game? And how does writing for games differ from conventional story-telling?

Whose Point of View Is It, Anyway?

One of the most common problem writers have when learning to write fiction, is maintaining point of view (PoV). Here,

Four Habits of Successful Writers

Books, blogs and courses offer valuable advice and guidance for writers, but to make the most of them, there are

Alex Smith at The Writers college

Spotlight on author Alex Smith

Alex Smith’s most recent novel ‘Devilskein & Dearlove’ is a YA Fantasy, described by the ‘Sunday Times’ as “a magical

Creative Writing Tips

Creative Writing Tips from the Pros

Need some writing inspiration? Here are our best resources for creative writers. Advice for Short Story Writers For Writing Advice

What’s Wrong With My Story?

Having a hard time getting your story to the level that you want it at? Struggling to sell it or

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