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My Journey as a Writer

BY HEINRICH VAN DER WALT   “You know, you should write this stuff down,” Anton said. We were sitting on

How I Learned to Write Garbage

By SARAH KELLEHER For me, writing used to move in cycles. First, the inspired phase. I’d put my laptop by

HAYMAKER – by Clinton Matos

    Well, it’s all about power, isn’t it? That’s where and why my life intersects the here and how

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Best Writing Advice: Find Your Voice

BY SANDY KLINE When I was a beginner writer, so many books and teachers urged me to “find my voice”


Best Writing Advice: Ditch the Filters

Driving around in the Jordanian desert, we cleaned the car’s air filter more often than we filled up with fuel.

Best Writing Advice: Do the Work

BY NOHLEE CLOETE On my mobile phone, I have a picture saved of the urban English word ’Rastrophiliopustrocity’. It has eight

The Writer in the Closet

BY ELEANOR TALBOT I’ll be honest. I don’t really consider myself a writer. John Steinbeck is a writer. Cannery Row

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Best Writing Advice: Show, Do Not Tell

BY TASNEEM DANIELS “Kill them,” she said.     “What?”                                 “Kill your darlings,” she repeated.                           “But why should I kill them? This

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Best Writing Advice: Keep it Simple

BY THERESA-LOUISE BRINK The best writing tip I ever received was from a man who had fallen in love with

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Best Writing Advice: Don’t Stop Writing

Words have the power to alter perceptions and change lives, as KEZIAH FREIMOND discovered for herself. I have, through the

The Greatest Writing Tip: Say What You Mean

BY DANIELLE RAMAEKERS I paused my coffee mid-sip when I read, ‘Make yourself a solemn promise right now that you’ll…..never

Best Writing Advice: Shattering Fictional Boundaries

                         BY PRAJKTA BUDJADE              In a self-defense class I once took, the instructor said, “Never engage in a confrontation

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