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I heard DITCH but spelled B****

By Shenaaz Msusa       “The next word is DITCH; I repeat ditch,” announced the teacher loudly and clearly

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To All The Words I’ve Yet To Write

    BY NICOLE ZELNIKER   Just write. It’s the first piece of advice any writing professor will give you,

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Best Writing Tip: Kill Your Adverbs

BY NIKKY LEE “Kill your adverbs.” This advice came from thriller writer John Harman. I was eighteen, in my first

E’s and F’s

  BY STEPHANIE MILLAR   “We’re moving to Durban next month,” my dad nonchalantly announced. He and my mum had

Words Like Butterflies

  There is a story in each one of us; the difference is in how it is told. That becomes

Both Feet and No Safety Net

  BY ELAINA FELLOWS   “Why don’t you just quit your job and do it?” My husband asked me.  I

My Movie Moment

      BY TRACY SOLEA   A bright gold sticker in my purple exercise book marks the day I

Weird, Minus One House-Point

BY CARMEN MARCUS It was the summer of 1984 and Lady Di was just about to marry my toy gorilla,

My Writing Journey

  BY GLENN McGOLDRICK   My writing journey? Ha-ha. Sounds pretentious. Where to start? I liked writing as a kid.

My Big Fat Regret

  BY LEONIE FOURIE   It was hot.  Mid-December in the Cape Winelands tends to be hot.  Your-clothes-stuck-to-your-butt kind of

Neuroses & Nirvana

BY DAVID WHITAKER   My first book was self-published. I wrote every word and illustrated it myself. I also cut

Full Circle

BY NATALIE SWAIN   Christmas morning. My brother has a secretive smirk on his face. “This one is from me,

The Hundredth Day

BY DO HYUN KANG It all began the day I turned 100 days old. I don’t remember anything about the

The Writing Lobe

By Eileen Kennedy   Scientists say there’s a specific region of the brain dedicated to writing. Somewhere between the prefrontal


BY CATHY MARTENS   Ah, my elusive writing chops; where do they come from and where do they keep going?

Swan Lake – My Writing Journey

BY SUZETTE LEAL   I would say that my venture into the world of words started thanks to Tchaikovsky. Had

African Dream

BY OLAKUNLE OLADIRAN     Growing up in the tiny village of Akure in Nigeria, I had only felt liberated

MAGIC – by Thorne Busakwe

  I was five years old, hugging the floor of my mother’s little shack, gunshots ringing through the air. I

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Home – by Lyllie Colway

Love at first word. My first word was ‘home’, and that word has stuck with me ever since. Home is

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