How to Write Winning Content for Inbound Marketing Campaigns

  Discover how inbound marketing works and learn three essential aspects when writing content to support this method of marketing. BY CASSIE MERRICK Inbound marketing is becoming an increasingly popular method used by organisations to build awareness and generate more traffic to their website. The basic idea behind it is to attract new leads to your website through the sharing of helpful and insightful content that appeals to your intended audience’s needs and interests. Companies are now leaning on good web writers more than

How to Write Fiction for the Web and Build a Fanbase

  There is no need to write a heavy-duty novel, only to fall into a depression after your first rejection letter. Building your fiction fanbase can be easy and a lot of fun. Below are some of the best websites that can help. BY CARMEN WENZEL     You want Constructive Feedback, try Fanstory This is one of the fastest ways to get constructive feedback once you’ve posted your story. Registration is free, and everyone is actively encouraged to review as much as possible and while doing

How to Choose Topics to Write About

  Coming up with a subject and an angle for your article is one of the most important steps in the journalism process. However, many writers spend far too much time figuring this out, which can leave them overwhelmed and stressed. This doesn’t have to be the case though. BY SYMONE GROBBELAAR    Writing is an art. It’s supposed to be fun. But before you can begin writing you need to figure out your topic. Without a topic and angle, you don’t have

5 Things Web Journalists Can Learn from Screenwriters

Screenwriting is said to be one of the hardest crafts to master. There are a few surprising tricks web journalists can learn from successful screenwriters. BY ENNI TUOMISALO   Screenwriting is fiercely competitive. Some screenplays sell for millions, but the vast majority are not sold at all. To be successful, you have to write something so emotionally engaging and visually compelling that a studio executive wants to invest millions of dollars to turn it into a movie. While web writing is quite a different game,

Blogging for Beginners – Top Four Best Practices

  Blogging can be daunting, especially for beginners, but by following these top four blogging best practices, each and every one of your articles can be a success. BY LAUREN ESPACH Why blog? Blogs are not only a method to convey thoughts, ideas, opinions and news on certain topical spaces; they also serve a functional purpose, especially from an SEO and content marketing perspective. The statistics are overwhelming; for example, businesses that blog generally receive around 88% more B2C leads per month than those that