Catching up with our former student and avid writer – Lesley Sefton – is nothing short of inspiring. She is a reminder that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, both personally and professionally.

Blogger and author Lesley Sefton

Q: Your first book Addict Child was published on Amazon. What a fantastic achievement! Have you got any valuable lessons or tips for other writers hoping to achieve a similar goal?

A: I began writing Addict Child as a blog, sharing snippets of my journey as the mother of an alcoholic drug abuser. The blog was successful, so I took these chunks of writing and formed them into a book.

I would say to other writers, write truthfully about your experience and emotion in relation to an event whether real or fictional. At first, try writing excerpts, then weave them together rather like the piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.

Q: Your daughter (the focus of Addict Child) has recently celebrated five years of sobriety. This must be a great milestone for any parent (and child). How do you feel about it?

A: My daughter’s sobriety has lifted a heavy burden from my being. I know she is at risk from the greedy hands of addiction, but I enjoy our time we have now.

Q: You attended several courses at the Writers College, including the Write a Novel Course, and the Self-Publish your Book Course. Did you find them helpful on your journey towards publishing?

A: I couldn’t have achieved my goal in publishing a book, nor improved my writing skills without the support of the Writers College. I recommend them to any aspiring writer. The format of their correspondence courses is both professional and thorough. Each tutor I have been assigned has been brilliant in helping me to progress on my road to writing.

Novel course, the Writers College

Q: I noticed on your website that you have another book in the pipeline; please tell us more about it.

A: My novel Apportion the Blame is in the final editing stage. I have taken a rest from it, to stand back and let the narrative breath. At present, I am fine-tuning my blog because my writing has improved since I originally posted. I then intend to republish the blog on social media. I know the blog and book have been beneficial to a lot of people.