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Best Writing Advice: Ditch the Filters

Driving around in the Jordanian desert, we cleaned the car’s air filter more often than we filled up with fuel.

The Sickness of Wellness Blogs

  Self-professed experts have taken to running wellness blogs in their droves, all with cutesy names like Peanut Butter Fingers

Best Writing Advice: Shattering Fictional Boundaries

                         BY PRAJKTA BUDJADE              In a self-defense class I once took, the instructor said, “Never engage in a confrontation

The Writers College Writing Journey Contest

The Earworm

  BY HELEN TOMPSON   The thought that one day I could be a writer has bubbled inside me for

Finding Your Groove Writing for the Web

Writing can be tedious and a little depressing at times. Here’s how you can overcome these problems.   BY ANYA

The Writer’s Muse is a Myth

BY RETIEF POTGIETER An artist will sometimes mention that he or she hasn’t had an original thought in a while.

Joernalistiek Begin Met Baba Treëtjies

Vat vandag jou kleuter se handjie. Leer haar dink, droom en skep. Babataal word woordjies. ’n Geskrabbel word prentjies. Treëtjie

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I heard DITCH but spelled B****

By Shenaaz Msusa       “The next word is DITCH; I repeat ditch,” announced the teacher loudly and clearly

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To All The Words I’ve Yet To Write

    BY NICOLE ZELNIKER   Just write. It’s the first piece of advice any writing professor will give you,

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