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My writing journey competition

The Writer in the Closet

BY ELEANOR TALBOT I’ll be honest. I don’t really consider myself a writer. John Steinbeck is a writer. Cannery Row

My Big Fat Regret

  BY LEONIE FOURIE   It was hot.  Mid-December in the Cape Winelands tends to be hot.  Your-clothes-stuck-to-your-butt kind of

Full Circle

BY NATALIE SWAIN   Christmas morning. My brother has a secretive smirk on his face. “This one is from me,

The Hundredth Day

BY DO HYUN KANG It all began the day I turned 100 days old. I don’t remember anything about the

The Writing Lobe

By Eileen Kennedy   Scientists say there’s a specific region of the brain dedicated to writing. Somewhere between the prefrontal


BY CATHY MARTENS   Ah, my elusive writing chops; where do they come from and where do they keep going?

Swan Lake – My Writing Journey

BY SUZETTE LEAL   I would say that my venture into the world of words started thanks to Tchaikovsky. Had

African Dream

BY OLAKUNLE OLADIRAN     Growing up in the tiny village of Akure in Nigeria, I had only felt liberated

MAGIC – by Thorne Busakwe

  I was five years old, hugging the floor of my mother’s little shack, gunshots ringing through the air. I

Writing courses

Home – by Lyllie Colway

Love at first word. My first word was ‘home’, and that word has stuck with me ever since. Home is

Without a Hitch – by Kyle Rush

I’m standing on the side of a road. It’s an unremarkable road, but then, why would it be otherwise? Its

My Writing Journey – By Alison Benge

  It wasn’t always writing that I loved. First there was the sensory world of writing: cracking the spine on

In a Moment – By Michele M. van Eck

  Amber Walker should be used to death by now, but she wasn’t. Her stiletto heels clicked against the ceramic

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