SEO copywriting: how to use keywords effectively

It’s well established that SEO copywriting is about creating useful content for humans with the right keywords for search engines. But with around 200 factors determining how high a website is ranked in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you also need to know where and how to use those keywords.   BY LORRAINE FORREST-TURNER   The perfect SEO cycle Let’s deal with the obvious first. The best way for a website to get onto the first page in a search engine result (other than

Top 10 Web Writing Tips

By Lorraine Forrest-Turner   Much that’s written about writing for the web could equally be said of other mediums. I repeatedly see the following tips on writing for the web. Be concise Use simple language Know your audience Adopt the right tone of voice Engage your reader Proofread carefully But if you really want to influence your search rankings, you have to write content that humans like. Write content that they find interesting and want to share. For those of you looking for 

How to Write Great Website Home Page Copy

  The home page is the most important page of any website. So why do so many get it horribly wrong? Here are vital ways to write effective, SEO-rich copy. BY LORRAINE FORREST-TURNER   For most people, the home page is the first thing they see on a website and first impressions do indeed count. Think of the home page as the shop window, the office reception, the front door. If it looks tired, outdated, cramped and confused, people aren’t going to hang around for

10 Ways To Please Your Editor (Through Good Web Writing) – by Esta Chappell

  If you are starting a career in freelance writing or journalism, here is some advice to scribble down and paste on your wall: Always keep your editor happy. After all, it is your editor who decides if you get published and therefore paid. But keeping them happy doesn’t mean sending flowers or opera tickets. Instead, just write what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. Here are ten simple steps to keep your editor happy - and keep you

Top 10 Web Writing Tips – by Zelda Fourie

  Writing for the web differs from most other forms of writing.  Most people tend to scan websites looking for information.  They therefore do not read the same way online as they do print media. The successful web writer must create content that is clear and easy to read, uses less words, and that provides useful information quickly. So, what are the best tips for writing for the web? 1.            The headline of your article or blog must be accurate and clearly understandable, so that