Research: Keeping Out of The Whirlpool – by Trish Nicholson

“But I write fiction, I create worlds so I don’t need to research, right?”  Wrong. All writers need research to make their worlds resonate for the reader; to add details that make their stories believable, however fantastic. This is what hooks readers and holds their attention. The secret is to identify what you need to know; where to find verifiable information ... and when to stop! For non-fiction writers on any topic, the need for accurate research is obvious but it must

Why Can I Not Use Wiki? By Tracey Hawthorne

The Internet is a powerful tool, and a particularly useful one for writers, who have a world of information at their fingertips when researching a story. But there's a reason writers should always rely on primary research sources - or, failing that, that they should be able to confirm that information picked up elsewhere on the Internet can be reliably and accurately traced back to a primary source. Tracey Hawthorne points out why. What's wrong with Wiki? A few of my students