When your flaming enthusiasm for a new project has dwindled, you’ll have to spark up your motivation manually. Rozelle Sunkel shows us how.

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You’re on fire, you’re on a roll, nothing can stop you – and then it hits. The honeymoon phase is over. Your creative endeavour has been reduced to nothing more than a chore. In fact, you’d rather have your arm chewed off than work on your latest article.

It’s easy to write when you’re full of enthusiasm, but when the initial excitement is gone, it can be difficult to finish what you started.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, or lacking direction, focus and self-confidence, you need to take action. If you’re going to wait for inspiration to hit, you’re going to wait forever.

Taking small steps in the direction of your goal, whether you feel inspired or not, will motivate you to keep going. By using tried and tested techniques you can spark up your motivation when you’re really not feeling it.


Break your big goal into smaller and clearly defined chunks. Sometimes, when a goal is too vague, like “write the article”, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to navigate. Each step of the process must be clear and specific.


Often, getting started is the most difficult task. The thought of having to sit down to write for an hour is so dreadful, that sometimes you never even start at all. So, set a time frame so small that it would be too ridiculous to refuse. Ask yourself, are you willing to sit down and write for two minutes? Even though two minutes isn’t a lot, it’ll get you started. Once you start getting into the groove, you can start increasing your time.


Small milestones are the building blocks of big goals. Reward yourself for the milestones you’ve reached, instead of just at the end of the big goal. When the reward at the end of a milestone is in sight and reachable, you’re more likely to be motivated to work hard. Accomplishments should be celebrated, no matter how big or small. Give yourself a break, so you don’t get burned out. Just remember to keep moving forward!

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Find a friend who works in your field who can hold you accountable, someone who has similar business and life goals. Pulling through dry spells is much easier when you’re supported by a like-minded person, who can motivate you when times get rough


Without understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing, you are not going to care. When you’re aware of what you wanted to get out of your goal in the first place, you’ll be much more motivated to actually complete it. The “why” is your fuel. Remember that the task you’re accomplishing now will not only help you in the present, but also in the long run.

Motivation comes and goes, but it never stays away permanently. What you need to succeed is perseverance, because your motivation will dwindle sometime, no matter how talented, able, or intelligent you are.

Small, consistent steps are the name of the game with accomplishing big goals. Taking smart action and continuing to write at times when you’d rather merge with your sofa is what’s going to get you to the finish line.

About the Author


Rozelle Sunkel is a co-blogger and recipe developer at the low-carb food blog, Living Chirpy. When she isn’t writing about food, she’s writing music, as she’s also a classical musician. She was the lead harpist of the Lowveld Orchestra for two years, and now focuses on composing her own music. When not composing or blogging, you can find her galavanting in the USA or hanging backstage at rock concerts.