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Knowing the potential of the Internet as a tool for writers, our writing schools offer a range of online writing courses.  Tutored by professional writers, our writing courses can help you turn your writing dreams into a reality.

But is online studying for everyone? Let’s look at six benefits of this method.

1. Instant and efficient

This modern study option is ideal for those looking for instant and efficient results. For instance, instead of waiting for weekly classes to ask questions, students can enjoy a more prompt interaction with their tutor through this medium.  This also allows students to build a one-to-one relationship with the tutor.

2. Accessible

For those students for whom access to their course centre is an issue, online study is the best solution. You can work on your course from anywhere, at any time, from your desk, a holiday destination or a remote farm. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

3. One-on-one

Each person has unique grammar gremlins and style issues. A lecturer in front of a class won’t always have the time to focus on your particular areas requiring work. Classes are general and it’s up to you to get your questions heard. With one-to-one online tuition, you have direct communication with your tutor and personalised feedback focused specifically on your writing (the good parts and the bits needing work!).

4. Writing-focused

If writing is your key focus, then online study is extremely effective as small distractions, like travel to and from classes and social aspects, are eliminated. However, if you love social interaction and need face-time with a teacher, then a writing class in an actual classroom may work better for you.

Writing is one industry where it is now standard practice for professional writers to use email to communicate with publishers and editors all over the world; email correspondence with your tutor automatically helps you hone your skills and step into the world of the writer.

5. Affordable

With online courses, you can receive quality input from an expert tutor without expensive overheads like venue costs, fuel costs, time for travel and printing costs for course material. The system is streamlined to be as efficient, cost-effective and carbon-neutral as possible. This means your course fee buys you more one-on-one time with a tutor – which is certainly the most valuable aspect of any writing course.

6. In your own time

Most importantly, online courses allow you to write at your own pace. Since creativity doesn’t always strike when you need it to, online courses allow you to put energy into your writing when it works for you, rather than becoming anxious about meeting deadlines. Also, you will find that in some weeks you have more time for writing than others and being able to set your own schedule is a deliberate choice for many would-be students. Online writing courses offer the flexibility to achieve this.


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