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Will AI Kill Copy-editing Jobs?

TRUDY DELAMARE asks veteran copy-editor Di Smith if machines can correct errors better than humans in this frank Q &

Alex Smith at The Writers college

Spotlight on author Alex Smith

Alex Smith’s most recent novel ‘Devilskein & Dearlove’ is a YA Fantasy, described by the ‘Sunday Times’ as “a magical

Spotlight on Karen Jeynes – by Kyle Keegan

  Karen Jeynes is a well-known, award-winning playwright whose work includes “Laying Blame”, “sky too big”, “Don’t Mention Sex”, “Kiss

Rosemary Hepozden writing and grammar tutor at the Writers College

Spotlight on Rosemary Hepözden

Rosemary Hepözden has three decades of editing, writing and teaching experience. She is the author of three nonfiction books, and

Spotlight on author Helen Brain

  Helen Brain is the author of 30 books for children, an adult memoir and many short stories. In 1998