Make Money Writing for the Web – by Bronwyn Williams

  With some good, old-fashioned hard work, it is possible to make good money writing on the web. Thanks to PayPal, it is easier for writers to get paid over the Internet by clients all around the world. There is nothing to prevent you from earning a decent, full-time income from web writing. You just need put in the hours and have the patience to wait for the work to pay off. Here are five legitimate ways to earn money on the Internet as a

The Four Basics of Getting Freelance Work – by Karin Schimke

"I write well", you tell yourself in your secret moments of immodesty. You know you can write articles that editors will want. You know, in fact, that you could make a living from freelancing. Or, at the very least, substantially boost your day job income through freelance dabbling. You have talent. You have hunger. You even have commissions. But can you meet four basic criteria every editor cares about almost more than scintillating copy and cutting edge ideas? Scintillating copy and cutting