writing is liberating

The plain and simple benefits of writing absolutely anything.


The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” started in the 1900s by a man named Henrik Ibsen. I think he would be shocked if he saw how seriously the world has taken that saying.

In the digital universe today, the main form of expression is through visuals like pictures and videos. We now have memes, GIF’s and boomerangs to fill any gap of communication we might experience. It’s quick and easy like everything else.

Writing, on the other hand, seems less popular than selfies and Insta travel snaps, even though this timeless craft is required more than ever with citizen journalism, blogging, self-publishing, and companies relying on the written word online.

I believe that everyone should be a writer. Whether you write articles, poems, plays, blogs or even letters. Writing is not just for introverts and fan-fiction-fanatics. It should be embraced by everyone. Here’s why:

Writing liberates.

When writing down ideas and thoughts, there are no limitations. For instance, when you write down a confession, no one sees it, but your mind is freed from that thought. If you want to write a sentence using only swear words, then so be it. Ink and paper can become your mind’s greatest freedom.

Writing clarifies.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the thoughts that circle in your brain? When you put it all on paper, it starts to form a clear picture. You can jot a mind map of your next great idea, or you can simply write your most profound thoughts down. For instance, you might start by journaling about your ex. The next moment you find yourself stumbling upon a bright idea for a new business (plus you confirm that your ex was indeed a jerk in the process!)

Writing travels.

Whether it’s from you to a loved one far away, from an author to a reader or from a grandfather to the next ten generations; writing will travel. It communicates thoughts, feelings and opinions from one human to another. The American author, Natalie Goldberg said it best: “Writers live twice.” Your writing never dies with you, it remains on earth forever.

Writing transforms.

Writing, in any format, can prompt thoughts and start conversations. Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet-like book in 1776 called “Common Sense”. This summary was used to rally colonies against the reign of Great Britain. From reading a philosopher’s book to seeing “the government sucks” sprayed on a wall; it all has an impact. Your writing can start a revolution or it can end conflict.

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Writing heals.

According to the American Psychological Association, for years, therapists have used logs, questionnaires, journals and other writing forms to help people heal from stresses and traumas. Research even suggests that writing about emotions and stress can boost immune functioning in patients with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, asthma and arthritis.

Whether you believe it or not, there are thoughts, ideas, feelings and opinions that are stuck inside your mind. The perfect way to release them is through writing. It promises personal growth and understanding.

One picture might be worth a thousand words, but your words can create a thousand different pictures. (And if you’re lucky, you can get published and make money along the way.)

About the Author

Aldohné Ward is a freelancer who writes everything from articles, blogs and content to speeches, songs and screenplays. She is best known for her religion-based pieces. When she’s not writing, she’s busy with digital marketing and brand designing for various companies. If not that, she’s performing (singing and/or acting) on stage.