The 20 Most Important Pointers to Write Better Articles

  Never doubt that what may seem like an effortless read in a publication has taken hours and hours of conjuring, sculpting and editing. Here are 20 essential tips for better writing.     Pointer 1: Choose your point of view (PoV), and stick to it throughout your article. Point of view refers to the perspective of the narrator in the article. Who is “telling the story”? Is the story written from first person (I)? Third person (they/ him/ her)? Second Person (You)? A common mistake

Give Your Writing a Makeover – by Nichola Meyer

Magazine writer

Your motto as a writer: I shall entertain my reader. Whether you write blockbuster novels, or simply want to send more enjoyable letters to your family and friends, each line should beg, "Read me!" Each paragraph should entice your reader to read on and lap up more of your words. So how do you keep your reader glued to the page? You've heard it many times on our courses: "Show, don't tell". Movies show. Movies instantly captivate viewers, and so should your