Is Memoir Writing a Form of Therapy?

People who want to write a memoir often compare the process of writing that memoir to therapy. They say things like, I need to tell my story, I want to feel better about what happened to me, I want others to know my experience. But is writing a memoir like therapy? BY LISA LAZARUS   I am a memoir and fiction writer who trained as a psychologist and worked as a therapist for a number of years, so I find the links between

What is a memoir, and why write one? – by Lisa Lazarus

"Given motivation and time, anyone can write a memoir – the waitress at your favourite coffee shop, the adventurer who has dedicated his life to wandering, the neighbour who has lost a child, or the accountant who wants to understand his family’s history." Karen Ulrich, author of How to Write Your Life Story Everyone has a story to tell, even if it is sometimes difficult to find the thread of that story from beginning to end in the thousands of memories that