Four Stumbling Blocks That Can Actually Be Good For Writers

  Stumbling blocks can negatively affect your writing and slow you down, but they can also be an incentive for improving your writing skills.  If you can identify your specific negative blocks, they can push you to learn a new skill, thoroughly research your subject and ultimately boost your confidence.   BY FRANCINA MAPULANE      A stumbling block is when a writer experiences lack of motivation, or difficulty or hesitation in starting writing.  The block can be external, including disturbances from family members, time spent

Effective Time-Management: 4 Tricks for Journos

  Journalists are continually busy – keeping up with meetings, stories and deadlines.  And juggling time is one of the things they are all too familiar with. In reality, many journalists don’t always manage their time well, but they should. Here are four tricks journos can use to control their never-ending clock and limit the stress of their demanding schedules.     What’s up with that darn clock - continually stressing journalists out? According to experts, time-management is still one of the most important