What would my mother say?! By Hilary Murray

Hilary Murray, author of Choices, describes her first forays as a writer into the publishing industry – and the genre of erotic fiction. MY first attempt at a publishable novel was a disappointing experience. The storyline was simple: take two pairs of lovers.  Place one in the past and one in the present.  Add a betrayed and merciless husband to each.  Mix well, and stand back. Unbelievably, the agents I submitted it to weren’t as impressed as I was.  I received rejection

How to Pay for Overseas Writing Competitions – by Trish Nicholson

My Competitions blog has raised a lot of enthusiasm among my writerly friends for trying overseas comps, but they are wary of making payments in a foreign currency and don't want to use their credit cards because of possible credit card fraud. I have written below some tips on how to make these payments with complete security (it’s the method I use myself). A Safe, Simple Way to Pay Electronically If you want to pay for an overseas competition entry fee, critique, or