Ann Huston completed the Travel Writing Course at NZ Writers College in August 2012. Since then, she had her travel piece on Woodville published in the Manawatu Standard. Her article ‘You can lead a teenager to a volcano but you can’t make him climb it’ was published in the Herald on Sunday. They have also agreed to use another article by her. The summer edition of Que will also be publishing her piece about traveling with children.

We ask Ann how easy it is to write and sell travel articles in New Zealand.


Q: What made you decide to start writing?

A: It wasn’t a decision, it’s just something I’ve always done since I was a kid. I love it.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your writing career thus far? 

A: Getting things published. I’ve had travel articles published in Your Weekend and the Herald on Sunday. Also I won a Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards Best Travel Image with People award in 2011. And seeing my byline anywhere always gives me a buzz.

Q: Have you had moments where you thought you’d rather give up – and what got you through them?

A: Not really. When I send articles off to publishers, I always prepare myself for a rejection. So when I do send something off, I have a plan B and a plan C for where I’ll send the article next. That way, if it is rejected, I just keep sending it out and it doesn’t make me want to give up. I just keep going.

Q: What would be your biggest piece of advice for other writers just starting out?

A: Just write and write and write. And read and read and read. Sometimes you’ll write better stuff than others, but getting in the habit of writing regularly is the most important thing. Don’t be discouraged by rejection; just keep trying.

Q: You did a writing course with the Writers College. How did that benefit you?

A: It gave me confidence in my writing and forced me to analyse what I was writing. It also helped me to understand what I was reading in other travel articles, not just the words, but the way the articles were written.