Where to Publish Your Short Stories Online – by Hannah Green

  With the rise of technology and an increase in e-zine publications, submitting your short stories online is a great way to gain publicity and confidence as a writer. Don’t send your work to just any e-zine; make sure that it is respected and recognized. The hard work, sweat and tears that go into your writing should be rewarded with good exposure. Here are some of the better e-zines, webzines and online publications available on the web, as well as some tips

Web fiction: The basic principles of telling stories online – by Stephanie Laubscher

Web fiction, also known as Web lit, is basically the publication of literature and short stories on the Internet. As opposed to mainstream Web writing, keywords do not play a fundamental role; the focus is on telling an engaging story and interacting with the readers. Advantages of writing web fiction and the related online community Eli James is the creator of novelr.com, a blog about Internet fiction. He claims that Web fiction is a great driving force for writers who would usually