Freelance Rates – How much should you be charging?

Deciding on an amount that reflects my worth as a writer is probably my biggest headache as a freelancer. With the awesome diversity that comes with the job of writing, comes the strange incongruity in pay rates. In my experience, if you want some consistency in this department, spending a little time on admin goes a long way. BY SAMANTHA MOOLMAN   Set your own standards There is no global, standardised set of freelance writing rates. Each publication differs, and each country has its

Can You Make a Living From Travel Writing? We Ask Travel Writer Gabi Logan

    Travel writing is a dream job for many aspiring writers. But can you really make a living at it? DONNA DAILEY chats with Gabi Logan, author of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map and creator of the Travel Magazine Database, for some insights on how to make travel writing pay.     Q: Did you always want to be a travel writer?   A: I wanted to be an Italian professor. Travel writing was the way I was going to pay bills in grad school. I