Seven Tips for Creating Tension in Your Fiction Writing

By Hannah Green How do you create that nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat page-turner? How do best-selling authors create tension in their writing? Here are seven tips to help you keep your reader gasping for more.   (1) Name the stakes How much does your character have to lose? Make it clear to your reader what is at stake, and show them how and why your protagonist is doing what needs to be done. Imagine that your protagonist is a tightrope walker: is he balanced on the rope

Eleven Ways to Draw in your Reader

  Here are 11 ways to draw in your reader and keep them hooked. Each one of these ways takes time to master, so do expect to do quite a bit of sculpting and playing with words until you get it perfect.     1. Use strong, visual verbs to set the scene. Some writers suggest that your verbs should outnumber your adjectives in each paragraph. For example, note the verb usage in this opening by Bisantz Raymond as quoted in her piece “Give Your