These easy-to-use apps will make your career as a journalist easier.


We all know journalists need to be up-to-date with the latest news. They also need to be current with the latest apps that will make their working life easier. We give you the lowdown on six indispensable apps for your smartphone, iPad or computer.



Dropbox for saving and sharing articles and photos

  • Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, documents, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
  • Access any file you save to your Dropbox from any computer, iPhone, iPad, and the web.

Now that you’ve got your photos ready to publish, you’ll want to send them to your publisher. A great way to share files is through Dropbox. The iOS app allows you to upload photos and videos to any folder found in your Dropbox account.


Evernote for writing, with visuals

Evernote is the ultimate app for any mobile journalist. Evernote is your app to go to if you want to write, capture photos, record audio and even remember your location.

Evernote syncs with multiple platforms ensuring you can use it on practically any device or computer you have.



Bambuser is the app for live shots.

  • Bambuser’s live video streaming from your cell phone or webcam allows journalists to share their work via social media.
  • Web features like trending tags and international events enable this app to help live news go global.


My Tracks

My Tracks may have been designed as a health and fitness app, but it can actually be put to good use by journalists too. If you’re covering a story across town, and you need to retrace your steps or fill in the gaps for your article, then this app will show you the path you took, as well as the time, speed, distance, and elevation. All this data can be viewed live, or you can access it any time after. In short, it saves you having to write down and remember street names.



It’s clear that most of you adore AudioBoo and use it to record interviews, then embed a soundbite in a tweet or directly to a blog. The audio really is broadcast quality.




  • LinkedIn android app makes it even easier to build your personal brand, make connections, and stay informed with personalized news.
  • With LinkedIn you can find and connect with a professional network of more than 300 million members worldwide.
  • You can read the latest industry news to stay informed and ready for your workday.
  • You can follow Influencers to get advice and inspiration from industry leaders.
  • View and save recommended jobs.
  • Furthermore follow companies you’re interested in to get job postings, updates, and find people you may know.


TIP: If you’re planning to use many apps, invest in an external battery backup to carry around with you, as the apps drain the phone’s battery quickly.


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Thersia BreedtThersia Breedt is a freelance journalist and life coach. Her focus is on developing self-growth, gaining confidence and much more. She is currently writing her new book You Are Worth It, which looks at helping people with a lack of esteem and a poor self-image set new standards of living.


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