How to write optimized web articles




Take a look at these tips on how to make a website more readable.

Online users are ruthless and busy. They will scan the page in order to find the information they require, and if they can’t find that information quickly because your copy is not readable enough, they will immediately click elsewhere.

So how then can you improve the readability of your web copy?


Write Less

Web users are fickle. Unless you give them a reason to stay on your web page, they won’t stick around.

They will find it difficult to wade through hundreds of words of waffle in order to find that golden nugget of information they need. So make it easy for them. Write only what is necessary to your web copy.

That way, you’re putting fewer obstacles in the user’s way and giving them more of a chance to reach the information they’re looking for.


Place Important Information at The Top Left of the Page

Research has shown that when reading online copy, the eye has a tendency to start at the top left of a web page. It then drifts across the top of the web page before scrolling down.

If you place vital information in the top left corner of your web page, it’s likely that you will reduce the amount of time needed for a user to find information they require.


Use Clear Headlines

Clear, succinct headlines will help break up your copy. Lines and lines of text are incredibly hard to scan through, and the likelihood is that your user will not be willing to do that. Spell it out for them. Let them know what they’re about to read with a headline clearly detailing the subject matter.


Start Headings with the Most Important Keywords

Using highly important keywords at the beginning of a heading will make scanning your web page a whole lot easier for your user. As they scroll down the page, they will hit your headlines and quickly identify which one is of importance to them, if you include the right keywords at the right time.


Use Bold Text

Bold text is an excellent way of drawing attention to certain words or phrases within your copy. It can act as a guide to users.

Don’t use bold fonts over zealously though – if you’re drawing attention to very pushy sales language that will not benefit the reader, they will no longer trust you.


Make use of Bulleted Lists

Lists make your copy much more digestable, by breaking it down into chunks. It also adds a little more white space to the page.

Don’t be afraid of white space. It can improve the readability of your web page when implemented sensibly.


Use Short Paragraphs with Clear Messages

Most importantly, make your copy as clear as possible to your user by using short sentences and paragraphs with clear messaging. Remember, your job is to make the web user’s life easier.



By Writing for the Web Graduate Lise Coghlan. See her website at