Lindsay Wagner completed the Magazine Journalism Course in 2005. She currently works as the Online Media and Communications Co-ordinator at Rawson Property Group.


We tracked her progress as a journalist and writer.


An Interview with Lindsay Wagner


What writing successes have you had since completing the course?

I’ve written articles for Media24 (Family magazines), Parent24, Construction Review Magazine, Clicks Club Card, Highway Publishing (Custom magazines) and a number of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) articles for various companies/clients. It’s simple, word of mouth works. I’ve learnt that it is important to make a good impression first time round!  

How does it feel to sell your first article?

I felt a real sense of achievement and independence! After the course I had the necessary tools I needed to approach the relevant people. Professionalism is key. In fact, freelancing came in handy when I was retrenched. I was able to earn money and pay my bills.

What tip (s) would you give other aspirant journalists?

Fuel your passion because passion equals determination, and determination/tenacity is what you need when all else fails. I’ve learned to always have a backup plan. The world of journalism is a fast-paced exciting ride, but one needs to be five steps ahead of everyone else – just in case.

I’ve found it increasingly important to network with like-minded individuals as well as people from other backgrounds. Be a sponge, soak up as much information as you can – there’s always a story (dig, dig, dig)…just find a unique angle!

“The world of journalism is a fast-paced exciting ride, but one needs to be five steps ahead of everyone else.”


How did the writing course help your writing?

Gaining knowledge gave me the confidence I needed to start my freelance career – I felt empowered and the more confident I became, the braver I became and was able to tackle various other forms of writing. My writing improved immensely. I was taught how to craft, mould and bring a story to life – to capture hearts and minds. After all, as writers, we’re not just story-tellers; we have a huge impact on how people view the world.