Everson Luhanga was awarded a bursary in 2010 to study Hard News Journalism at SA Writers’ College (www.sawriterscollege.co.za). Everson thrived on the course and went on to get two articles published in the newspapers.


I have been enjoying my studies with SA Writers’ College since  2008.

Since then, besides obtaining a distinction in the Grammar Skills Course and a Merit in the Hard News Journalism, my writing has greatly improved.

Success in the newspaper industry

Soon after I completed my Hard News course, I sold two articles in local and national newspapers respectively in less than a week. Getting published is the final product a budding journalist will aspire to achieve at the end of the entire course. It boosts ones confidence of having achieved a dream career.

As opposed to the theory that one cannot be a writer unless English is one’s first language, there is no truth about that. As long one puts in the effort and practice, writing can be an interesting and enjoyable career.

Advice for aspirant writers

I am therefore urging all aspirant writers never to think they are not capable of writing. They should not put the “BUTS” alongside their decision to sign up for a course in writing especially with the friendly tutors at SAWC. Once you sign up with them, your life will positively change forever after discovering your hidden abilities in writing.

SAWC has been the foundation and has set up a lifetime career in writing for me, as I have always liked writing. If there are people with hesitations, join SAWC and the end result will be happiness.