Greetings from Travel Writing tutor, Donna Dailey

Donna-Dailey-lbAs 2014 draws to a close, I want to thank all of my students for their hard work. Your enthusiasm, creativity and desire to learn and grow are inspiring, and it has been so rewarding for me to work with you. This past year I began tutoring the Magazine Journalism course as well as the Travel Writing course, and this has brought a lovely new dimension to my work.

Many people have good ideas and a love of writing. But not many people take that next step, and begin the hard task of learning how to turn their passion into a craft. Writing is easy. Writing well is hard work. That goes for professional writers as well as for those just starting out. Learning to write well is a life-long process, and it’s a privilege and a pleasure to be able to share that journey with you. I learn as much from you as you do (I hope) from me. Enjoy the holidays, and no matter where you are on your course, congratulate yourself on your work and on taking these first steps. Well done! I will raise a glass to all of you as we contemplate the writing path for 2015.

Best wishes,

Donna Dailey


A message from Hayley Leibowitz – Basics of Feature Writing tutor

Hayley-lbIt has been a wonderful year to be a tutor. My students have enthralled, surprised and educated me along the way. It has been such a pleasure to watch people grow throughout their courses and end with quality, publishable articles.

On the work front it has been an exciting year for me too. I have taken the plunge and decided to start my own publishing business. As entrepreneur Derrick Fung says, starting a business “feels like you’re jumping off a cliff and building an aeroplane on the way down”.

I am currently building and hope to have a shiny new aircraft come 2015!

Hayley Leibowitz