Writing has always been part of my life and after being retrenched and doing some job searching I realised that I needed to get up to speed with writing for social media. I did some research on courses and registered with SA Writers College (www.sawriterscollege.co.za) to do a course on “Writing for Social Media”.

Discovering blogging

With some excellent navigation from Karen Lotter, my online lecturer, I ventured into the new and enticing world of blogging. I based my blog on being a mom, something I am doing second time around. My personal blog is hosted on WordPress at  www.keepingourkidsbusy.wordpress.com. It is aimed at moms who want ideas, want to brag and basically just want to share what being a mom is about.

Slowly I remembered how writing could inspire a million ideas in my mind.

Setting up the blog

Setting up my site on wordpress was comparatively easy, so easy in fact that I am setting up another blog for a non-profit foundation.

Once I had done the basic structure for the blog, writing became as easy as finding new inspiration, choosing a few photos and popping them into the preset WordPress template. A few ‘previews’ later and each blog is surfing the Net with me.

There are even features you can activate to publicise a post to your facebook site, introducing each new blog on your site to your friends.

While the course introduced me to many of the social media available to me as a new social media junkie, and as a professional marketer, I have to admit that blogging is proving to be good for the soul too.

So if you are a mom, and feel like some company, come and join me!

About the author:

 Caryn Ross completed the Writing for Social Media Course at the Writers’ College early in 2011. She now administrates the website www.keepingourkidsbusy.wordpress.com