Not everyone has the time and resources to be out scouting for something new to report on and doing dozens of interviews per week for the print media. You may be a parent, or have another part-time job. You may still be a student, trying to earn extra money and/or garnering writing experience. But, thanks to the burgeoning writing market online, there are exciting writing opportunities you can explore from the comfort of your home. Writing for money is no longer relegated to the realm of print media. These days, it could be just as lucrative to work online.

E-Commerce is truly global

The Internet is what drives globalisation, and thanks to globalisation industries across the oceans have turned digital, trading products and services online. Experts and professionals in certain fields are able to work from their home country for an international client. This extends to the writing market as well.

But is it a myth that any old Joe Soap can work for a legitimate client overseas and obtain a steady income? To be able to write for a site that promises payment for your services and ensures publication – it just sounds too good to be true. Is it?

The Content Authority

I recently discovered The Content Authority. This site is a content provider for businesses and web pages. Those who require specific written content approach The Content Authority (TCA) and “order” articles to spec. And here’s where we come in: Writers register with TCA and are approached with briefs for specific articles. You can accept or decline as you choose, and can decide how much of a work load you’re willing to take on. One of the best things about TCA (and other content providers like it) is that you needn’t worry about getting your articles published, marketing yourself or hassling clients for pay. TCA does it all for you. All you need to do is focus on your creativity.

But are they legit?

Curious about the concept of someone else managing my writing content, I emailed TCA about applications for writers and queried whether or not they accepted writers from other countries (they are based in the US and I’m in South Africa). I left it at that and actually forgot about it till the next day, when I promptly received an email in reply to my query – with apologies that the reply was so late. Late!? I sometimes wait up to a month for a response! That being said, this still doesn’t prove whether or not content sites are worth your time and energy. In theory though, I can’t see why this concept wouldn’t work.

Trial and Error

I’ve found many success stories on the net about writers who are working through content providers and earning a decent salary. One such writer, Bianca Raven, caught my eye in particular. Bianca’s a writer from Australia who does freelance work for print and online publications the world over. (My thinking is, if she can do it, why can’t I?)

Besides TCA, the more you look into content providers the more you realise how prevalent this market really is. This article on convinced me that there’s enough space for me in this market too. And though there are times when circumstance confines me to my desk, there’s still no reason why I can’t still have a little diversity when it comes to my work.

Other sites where you can write articles for money:

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About the Author

Samantha Moolman is a freelance writer and editor who is currently responsible for the Family Life articles in Your Baby magazine.

Samantha also works as an assistant lecturer for the University of Pretoria’s Department of Journalism.