NZ’s Most Published Christian Author – George Bryant

“Writing liberates the spirit, reading inspires it.” George Bryant   Kiwi author George Bryant is on a mission - to make the world a better place through his writing. From being his school’s worst essay writer to eventually becoming an established author with 39 books and booklets to his name, George is unstoppable.  The most published Christian author in New Zealand, he is also a publisher and a founding director of Daystar Books. As well as working on his latest book, he can currently

How to Fuel your Passion for Writing

  We all know that to become a successful writer you need good time management and self-discipline. But award-winning writer and coach, Russell Brownlee says there’s a secret to creating a “bloody-minded commitment” to writing, and it all starts with desire.   With his passionate outburst of, “It’s not cool to be a writer, it’s really f**king difficult!” I knew I was going to get honesty from Russel. I had pressed South African based Brownlee for tips for new writers. With his third novel

Q & A with Author Trevor Bentley

    Trevor Bentley’s passion for pre-Treaty European Maori relations, captives and cannons, has resulted in four published books and a fifth on the way. But his writing life began in a sweet way with a winning slogan and a year’s supply of chocolate.    BY CHERIÊ PASCOE Q: What got you started as a writer? A: Unlike many published writers I did not write enthusiastically as a child, but I was a voracious reader. I blossomed as a writer in secondary school as two wonderful